Great Morning on the Patapsco

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After a pretty uneventful spring on both the tributaries of the Chesapeake as well as the Little Patuxent River.  I ventured out to the Patapsco on Saturday morning.  After the floods through Ellicott City last year the river just didn't seem to be the same.  I knew it would take time for the fish to bounce back, but every time I've been since, it is running fast and much higher than usual.  Not to mention, some of the old fish aggregating features have been washed away.  Given that I had an entire morning to myself and the warmer temps, I figured it was time to start wet wading.  Planning to explore a little further, I typically go down stream and wade up this time I just went further downstream.  I found a huge rock on the far bank creating a nice eddy.  The river is a bit narrow at this point so casting from shore to shore inst possible, but if you wade out you can get pretty close.  I had a smaller spinnerbait, in a brown yellow and orange pattern, a crawfish I guess.  Initially only catching some sunnies from the eddy, but happy to see signs of life.  Just down river was a fallen log on the same shore that I was wading from.  I took a few casts down stream and caught some average to small smallies.  Then, i hooked a big one (for this river), i pulled like crazy to the point, I wasn't sure what I had one.  After fighting it for a few minutes, I was able to land it, a roughly 9" smallmouth.  I know this isn't huge, but definitely the biggest I have caught on this river.  After spending a solid hour as this spot I headed back up river hitting a few spots, nothing too exciting.  When I got back to about where I had parked I figured I had another 30 minutes left so I headed upstream even further to check out an old bridge abutment I had fished a couple years ago.  Most of the notable features around it were gone, but there is a huge hole right at the base, so you can sometimes find something in there to grab your lure.  At this point I switched to a small red and black crawfish pattern crankbait.  After a few casts and no bites. I as reeling in and my lure as probably 5ft from my rod tip when a silver flash went after it.  Figuring it was a smallie, I wasn't too shocked.  It took one swipe and missed the hook, so I stopped reeling and it came back for a second shot.  This time I got it, it turned out to be a 12" rainbow trout, my first ever.  No pictures, as I was standing in waste deep water and they are slippery suckers.  Below is a pic of the big smallmouth.  Overall, a good day and nice to know there is still plenty of life in the river.  It was an overcast morning, about 75 degrees, I forgot my thermometer so I have no idea what the water temp was.  I was using a 6' UL  St. Croix and a Shiamno Stradic 1000 with Berkley Vanish Transition 4lb test.  The water was a bit cloudy from the storms on Thursday, but nothing I was worried about.  The fish on this part of the Patapsco aren't big, but it is nice and quiet, I rarely see anyone else and it is easy to access.  I will probably go back another half dozen times throughout the season.  I will continue to update on this thread.  



Patapsco Smallie.jpg

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I've walked along the Patapsco in the Daniels area near Ellicott City a few times but never brought a rod. Have to remember one the next time I head down.

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