Pics appearing in every direction!!??

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I edit pics in MS Office Picture Manager.  When I drag them from MS Picture Manager into the pics dialog area, even though they are right side up in Picture Manager, they show up in the BST upside down.


So I tried rotating them until they are upside down in Picture Manager before either dragging them or selecting them for inclusion into my posts.  That works about 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time the pics are sideways!


Does it matter if I drag n drop vs select?  


Does it matter if I get pics from the Picture Manager or the native directory in Windows Explorer?


TIA for your help, as always.

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Phil, it has to do with the way the picture was taken...that information is stored with the picture. Your computer may be ignoring the info but the software here can’t :) 


I’m guessing there is a setting in your picture software that would remove the EXIF info - then your picture would look the same on your computer and uploaded here :)



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