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I have a Cellblok unit for my existing Hummingbird GPS (Cellblok is an all-in-one setup for GPS, transducer arm and battery that attached to a standard rail). I purchased a new Garmin Striker 4 CV unit, so I needed a new ramount fixture to attached the Garmin FF head to ... found the Ram Mount has unit for the Garmin Striker ... excellent, I thought. Purchased this from them, and then started fitting to the Cellblok and the FF. There were no instructions for attaching the FF head to the ram mount fixture plate (that was being sold specifically for Garmin Striker and Echo units). I studied it, not intuitively obvious which holes to use on the base plate or how to screw the pieces together. OK, I'll call customer support. Well, they directed me to a YouTube video that explained how the ram mount unit can be used with the FF, but not the specifics for attaching. Called back ... 2 individuals in customer support had no idea. I was told to take a picture of the Fishfinder unit and someone will research this ... WHAT? I THOUGHT YOU WERE SELLING THIS UNIT SPECIFICALLY FOR THE GARMIN STRIKER FF??? Someone in prod development needs to think this through ... this is not a customization. Instructions should be included and referenceable for the customer support staff ... am I wrong?


Ended up calling Garmin, and we reverse engineered the mounting base of the FF over the phone to get a general idea of how the ram mount mounts to the FF. The installation did turn out OK , but jeeze, I really did not sign up for this drama. I get it IF its a customization, but not if it's a manufactured solution for a specific product.





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Bought a new LEER truck cap, the rear skirt which meets up with the tailgate was cut too short on the drivers side so the horizontal seal on  the skirt  doesn't meet up with the vertical seal creating a hole ... water flows down the window, thru the hole &  into my bed..... called them, no prob....were gonna replace that for you...


Within a week they had one BUT apparently the holes in the skirt  didn't match up so he said, i don't know how they drilled the holes wrong but i'm gonna get another, ill give you a call when it comes in.... called & called & called & excuse after another. its been about 7 weeks now, still nothing........:dismay:



Had my cell phone glass replaced..... got it back & ear bud jacks mic didn't work, audio was ok but could not be heard on the phone when i talked.... brought it to him, he confirmed it got damaged during glass replacement.... i don't know what happened he said but ill get another & replace it..... that was 3 weeks ago.... still waiting....:dismay:



Looks like I'm one up on you  :D

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