Another Leader Question: Adding Stiffer Butt Section to Leader?

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Practiced a few blood knots last night joining 30lb and 20lb fluoro. That 30lb stuff is stiff and gave me a hard time when cinching down the knot at the end even w/ moisture. The 20lb side barreled up nicely and neatly but the 30lb side of the knot was a bit messy. I can imagine that with 40-50lb fluoro, it would be even more difficult. I also was hesitant to trim the tag ends down to be flush with knot -- just dont have the confidence in the knot yet.


Very nice looking knot though when done right!


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Old technique here. We are doing this perfection loop to loop on heavy leaders up to 3’ long in 80 lb as a S-tippet section wih out sacrifice long casting, just few seasons ago I run out of wire for gators, this loop to loop works on my poppers, Im also happy with a 0 ring or even a 50lb swivel will work on uneven or unbalanced “low to high”line diameter transitions that will effect a desire turn overs. The fly profile and weight will require more time and attention for better adjustments to balance the optimum performance on this system, a simple try and error is usually all is need to make it work. The Loops, 0 ring and swivel will cause Snag a lot of sea weed, grass ...if present.

Pictures are from YouTube clip, also google Massimo Magliocco for more.

Hope it helps.

Good luck.





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i used to use water or spit to lube the knot.

A friend told me to use Bert's Bees lip moisturizer as a lube.

It will seat that 30# to 20# blood knot.


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Try one turn less in the heavier line.


Four turn water knots form a very best even in heavy mono. My pref if tying tapered leaders.


if you use a loop to loop just for the tippet section it is a good idea to tye very long loops. Long loops are more supple and lie much better,


Short loops tend to be stiff and don’t lie at all well. Horrible in fact.


When it is all said and done a very simple and effective the solution is a single shot of clear supple mono in 20 Lb test. Just loop it into fly line . Go fishing catch fish have a good time.





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Fly line if no loop / nail knot 

fly line with loop / double surgeon 

I use a double surgeon’s knot all the way?  

Can ty them behind your back. 

the fly / loop knot or perfection 

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