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First  did it ever work?   Or did it happen right after a bout if bad weather.


If you are using cable and they are providing dial tone from your cable modem then you have digital service and there is no outside ground unless your house wiring is still connected to your old outside terminal.


4 things can cause your issue.


1.  House wiring goes to an outside box and water got in causing a short.   


2.  Old phone company line is still wired to your house wiring and you are getting resistance from the bad pair.


3.  A bad wall Jack in the house or a wire to a wall Jack broke in the wall Jack or where the house wiring comes in. (Or you did construction and put a nail through one of the wires someplace)


4.  Bad phone in the house is causing a short or the wire to wall Jack is bad.


Do a general look at your house terminal first and see if you can determine if an outside line is still connected.  It will be the red and green pair coming from the phone company generally on a separate terminal from your house wiring.   If it is disconnect it then retry.

Take pics before you move anything so you know how to get it back.


Next if needed Do this.


Unplug your connection to your house wiring from the back of the cable box. Reboot the box.    Take one phone and plug it directly into the box in place of the house wiring and see what it does.    If it's good  do the same with each phone in your house until you find the bad phone or they all work.   This eliminates the phones being bad.  


If all the phones are good then it may be a bad wall Jack  or if your house terminal is located where weather can get in something there.      You have to do a process of elimination.  


Keep all the phones out of the walls along with their Jack connector.   Put the house wiring back to your cable modem and take one phone and go around the house to all the Jack's and test them with the same phone and wire individually.  You should come to the Jack that has the issue.   If the first phone in a wall Jack does it  then before you do anything see if it occurs on another Jack as well.   If it does it in both places then you know it's the house wiring at the terminal interface.   


There you need to do an eyeball and take pics first then disconnect each line till you find the bad one.


If all the jacks are good you just proved you have a bad phone wire someplace.   then put each phone back one by one with each wire and test again   u may find a bad phone chord.   




Sometimes Jack's are wired separately into to house terminal.  Sometimes they are connected serially to each other.  It could be a pain to find.


If you need help  take some pics  of the terminals and PM me and I'll try to guide you.

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On 5/16/2019 at 6:24 PM, Fly By Nite said:

People still have home phones?  Don't you get a thousand telemarketer calls every day?  Bet you have solar panels on your roof, too.


I've had the same home number for 35 years. Finally got sick of paying Verizon $50 a month for something we got 90 % telemarketer calls on. Ported the number to Google Voice, and installed an ObiHai box. Worked great. Until my wife got 4 telemarketer calls on the cordless within 10 minutes. She unplugged all the phones and stuffed them into a box.  :laugh:


Still have the number on Google Voice, it rings through my cell or computer if I'm on it. Not sure why I keep it, nostalgia I guess. TM call percentage is almost 100% now.  

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