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2019 Kayak Fishing Photos

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Great photos guys..makes me want to fish days more... have to wait for Albies or if we are lucky skipjack!!!!

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^These are all great photos, and torturous....makes me jealous I'm not doing that fishing, even though I'm having a blast doing my own dayum fishing.


Here's two pics (below) that are not 'good' pics, taken with an Iphone in the dark; but I love them because: at 7:30 I said to my 10yo daughter "I'm going kayaking until midnight, you wanna put down your Ipad and come?" To my disbelief, she said "Yeah, what should I wear?" We were in the lake by 8:15pm


Well we saw deer, turtles, vultures, etc. She declined to fish, but made a point to point out every time a bluegill took a bug off the top. And, several times, when I cast over towards what she pointed out, I came up with a bass that was harassing the bluegills. She got all excited by the moonrise, and paddled across the lake, alone. When she started yelling where are you, it was a good lesson...'turn on your head lamp and'll see my reflectors."





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