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I'd go back at night and throw live eels... :) 


But Seriously, I would try a loaded Redfin or SP Minnow. A bucktail with pork would also be a good choice if casting distance is not a big concern.  If you have some current a darter would do the trick I bet (at night though).


Good luck!





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On 5/15/2019 at 3:48 PM, Billybob said:

Early morning, if it's calm, I'd throw a doc. 

Good advise:) I use the Doc for top water and a 9 inch subsurface Version of the Doc for a lure that swims 2-3 feet under the surface



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Sluggos are a fantastic lure still, love dead sticking them with a slight twitch in current; or slight twitches in little to no current areas with hard structure.  I also love the single hook set-up on the sluggo, easier to release a fish and lower changes of a mishap to me.  From shore, I don't fish them with weighted heads that often though.  The OP was talking about water depths of 10-15 feet, so for me the sluggo would not be an option.  I'd feel better off w a live eel in those depths.  I want my offering down deep in the water column where the fish are. 

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Salt pro in bone! Or similar baits from  Yozuri that are jointed. I yak fish the western sound a lot, I try different patterns until I find what works.

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