Bunker advice please!

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8 hours ago, trade off said:

Just to clarify my post.... I am not suggesting snag and drop nor bringing two rods. The set up I use on adult bunker is a snag and quick re rig to 8-0 or 9-0 inline circle. The rig is pre-made...


i agree with the live eel but that to me is a separate set up...

So do you have the snag/weighted treble on a TA clip? Then once bunker is snagged and brought in take the treble off and attach inline to the clip or a swivel with leader and hook to clip?

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3 hours ago, relentless pursuit said:

Bunker heads tend to work well in these situations.


49 mins ago, Goudacuda said:

yeah id throw a bunker head 

Nearly impossible to fish bait in this location. Bottom is almost instant snags and current is generally running into a bridge so throwing it with no weight/free lining it would be difficult as well

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3 hours ago, trade off said:

Didn’t know about the bottom being an instantaneous snag.  

How could you lol! I appreciate the input. I’m sure I could figure out a way to not get snaged or at least not get snaged every time. I have a real hard time fishing a buck tail there as it is, so the thought of a weight sitting on the bottom against the current makes me cringe a little. 

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