Trout Stocking in the Ocean

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I wish they would try to stock sea run cutthroat trout here.


i used to catch them in Puget Sound and Hood canal.  Plus would have a blast catching them in some of the rivers on the Olympic peninsula.


They are a great fish

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5 hours ago, SalmonAndStriper Stalker said:

Considering we have bonito in maine and tarpon on Nantucket I would say no comparison at all.

Neither species is more than an incidental visitor. 


It does occur to me that the rapid diminution of the bluefish population makes this a better time than any in the past 20 years to attempt to establish or re-establish a seagoing trout population.

Sea-run cutts are relatively easy to catch, no? The heavier population densities of the NE US might make a cutt planting a very short-term, put-and-take proposition. Salters - that is, sea-run brookies - are native, though also allegedly easy to catch. Sea trout, seagoing browns, might be easier, but I don't know if their preferred temperature ranges are compatible with the GOM. 

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The searun Browns did very well in the south cape streams and estuaries. Even during the dog days of July and August you could find them feeding. The streams coming out of the cranberry bogs ran clear and cold. Unfortunately they discontinued the searun brown program sometime in the nineties, I think.

I was told that the strain of Browns that they planted in those rivers was different than the ones that they stocked in the regular ponds and rivers.

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