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clockwork Orange sequel?

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think they'll finish it up?


A previously undiscovered "sequel" to Anthony Burgess' dystopian cult classic "A Clockwork Orange" has been found among the author's archives.

In the unfinished "The Clockwork Condition," the author responds to the moral panic caused by Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of his most-famous novel, which had come out just weeks before.

The nonfiction work, which also includes a series of philosophical thoughts on the human condition, runs to around 200 typewritten pages, and features several handwritten notes. It had been left for decades among in his abandoned home in Bracciano, Italy, before being boxed up after his death in 1993 and sent to the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester, England, alongside several other works and possessions.

"It's not finished, but there is quite a lot there," Andrew Biswell, who works at the foundation and helped make the discovery, told CNN. "If you put the book together, you can see what might have been."

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the "meanest" teacher in my high school assigned it in AP English. She also told the principal, right in front of the class, that the reactions he got from me were a direct result if him constantly acting like an arsehole to me. "you were a dweeb in HS, we get it". to this day I cant believe she said that, even though she was completely right. 

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And it never came true. I mean, how many chicks actually got killed with a huge dildo ??

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end -- which you can never afford to loose -- with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they may be .."

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3 hours ago, Reed422 said:

Ultraviolence :)


There's no way they could make a sequel to the movie in today's outrage nation climate.

It would depend on which race, religion or "perceived" gender would be depicted.

There are plenty of violent movies and tv shows that air right now.


Of course if they made the movie it would come with a disclaimer longer that all the trailers combined!

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
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6 hours ago, HugeDinghy said:

rare times a book is far superior to a movie....that story is meant to play out in your head. 

Indeed. Had I not seen the movie first I would give it a chance. Seemed like Warriors on a bad trip, kinda killed it for me. I’ll admit, the only books I read before seeing the movie were the davinci code and lord of the flies. The rest either didn’t have a film or the movie led to reading the book.

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