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Enough Maxcuatro line on my new VS VR50?

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I just filled my new VR 50 spool with 300 yds of 30# Maxcuatro. I did it nice and tight on my line winding machine. I was prepared to wind all the line on and then make up the extra space with mono, and then flip the whole magilla so the mono was underneath.

However, I think I may be alright with just the 300yds of Max. I'm sure when I add some 30lb flouro topshot,  and start casting, the wet  line will come closer to the spool lip. Besides, I have been known to over-fill spools resulting in wind knot problems but then again, this is my first go round with Max.

What say you, enough line? Remember, that spool is only 1.85 " diameter. If I have to I'll add the mono and flip.







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No, I would back fill it with 25-50 yards of mono. I like it a lot closer to the edge for casting distance.


Photo is a daiwa but you get the idea.


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