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In Dallas. No credit card, cash, or money orders needed, besides transportation there and back.


Creuzot said his office will not prosecute theft cases where the value is under $750 unless the evidence shows the theft was for economic gain.


That is the Dallas prosecutor.


These are the rules then. We can go to Dallas, steal less than $750 at a time, and eat, wear, or use whatever we steal ourselves, and not sell the items at a profit. No guns, weapons, harrassment, or assault can be committed while thieving, and no other crimes. Just walk into a trendy cafe, order, eat, and split, not the bill, but the scene. Go into a designer clothing store, try on a few suits, and pick the best fitting one for >$750, and stroll out. Pretty simple.

We can steal, and give the proceeds to charity, or give them away.


Is this not prosecuting what were once crimes good policy?

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Sheldon Smith, a Dallas Police Department sergeant and president of the National Black Police Association Dallas chapter, says he suspects thefts may have contributed to Walmart planning to close a southern Dallas location, and thefts could increase in mom-and-pop stores if people don’t expect to be prosecuted.

“And so the little store owner, he has no chance of staying in business. And why would they? And who’s hurt in the end? The community’s hurt,” Smith said.

The stores will vanish. The Left will blame racism. And try to bring in government stores. All thefts from government stores will be repaid by taxpayers. Socialist mission accomplished.

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Yeah.....if the thuggery know they can just walk in and walk out with stuff.....the shop keepers will have to evolve somehow. Legally permissible looting. Maybe they are just following onto what the Mayor of Baltimore started. Maybe he wants them to start pooping on the street, too.

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