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Heading to Charleston for the school break. Family members have a great set up and I can fish the grass/edges from their dock. Low Country Flyshop has closed their brick&mortar shop. I'm looking for fly suggestions. Between my Northeast box and my Belize box, do I already have something that might work?



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Randy Hamilton's Copperhead is a very popular and effective fly but best suited for more stained water.  A mix of shrimp / crab patterns like Quans, Merkins or Puglisi brush crabs, some weighted, some not for fishing tailers.  Baitfish patterns like Puglisi's, Bendbacks like the Prince of Tides, Clouser minnows or Half and Halfs.  A few Gurglers or similar topwater flies for when they're chasing shrimp.  Cover the water column from top to bottom.  Weed guards strongly advised.  Some bright and flashy or black/dark purple or chartreuse for muddy water.  Some more natural colors for clear shallow water.  They like bunny flies too. Good news is that redfish aren't usually too selective, but they will spook in shallower water if you throw something with too much presence or if it's too bright or too heavily weighted in clear, shallow water.  Some of your larger Belize flats flies will do just fine.  Rubber legs are a plus.  You don't need a great big fly box.  Just a few proven patterns in various colors and sizes to cover the water column.  Good luck.  

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What bmac has said! :theman:


Size and weight is often more important than actual pattern or color. Light or dark works depending on water clarity. Some flies I've used are the same as I use for bass. At times I've gone with flies on size 1/0 hooks, but typically size 2 or 1 has been better choices. For when waters are not clear, I like a little flash in my flies, most often copper or bronze, gold, and a bit of pearl or electric blue. 


Even Gotcha's work well. 

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