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They didnt have all the fancy gizmos, rods and reels we have now.  Last couple years I have found myself going backwards on the technology scale when it comes to reels.  Seems some place in the last 15 years reel manufacturers got it their heads that they need to redesign models every year or 2 and the reels just dont seems to last.  With the exception of the fathom and diawa I use off the surf the rest of my surf reels are all  shimano bait runners.  You know the old ones built like a tank in the late 90's and early 2000's.  With the exception of barings I havent dropped any other parts into them and they have been beat to hell.  Even the ones we use on the boat are still going strong with all of our penn senators, 209's and peerless.


Last year for my daughter's 7th birthday I had a custom pink and purple rod made for her and I pimped out a penn peerless 9 in pink glitter for her flounder set up out back.


How could I possibly top that this year?


She turns 8.  Its time for her to learn to cast off the beach.  Probably gonna be some headaches early on but for now she dont need to cast that far really.  Plenty of fish and bait in the first 20 yards of the water.


That leaves me with a decision.  Do I hook her up with a fathom right away? Try and find a 525 somewhere?  Or do I jump ship and go old school in hopes she gets the casting down and then in a few years bump her up?


Went old school.  With a 200 penn surfmaster.  Pimped out, built from scratch with Penn and Newell parts.


Picking a cool paint color she would like could be a problem.  Then I found this Chameleon paint that looks purple one way and green another.  She loved it.  So now that left me with just what do I do to protect that paint job since the peerless didnt seem to hold up well to just Vaspar top coat.  So I ran a test side plate, painted it and then covered it in Etex epoxy.  Sorta like making plugs.  It worked perfectly.  So good that I decided to do the peerless 9 too.


Tomorrow this project will come to an end when I finish assembling it and it gets put away for her birthday in 2 weeks.  It's going to get mounted on a 9' Tica rated 3 to 6 which will be plenty for her to start with.


This will lead up to our next project which is rod building over the winter months as I acquired the basic tools and a few blanks to mess around with to see how it goes.


Our kids are the future of this sport.  Get them out from behind the video games, tv or whatever it is they do sitting on their ass all day and get them involved and interested.  Alot of memories can be made.


Here are a few pics of the reels.














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Awesome job.  Being a father of all girls I am sure that she will love the makeover and the efforts you put into the project.

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Thanks guys.  So I got the reel together today.  Works pretty good except for the minor spool rub and a stuck clicker button that I need to free up and them touch in the epoxy around it since I chipped it while messing around with it.  Will investigate later.






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