A sure sign that spring/summer is here.

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Ambulance chasers. I did work for a famous duo in Baltimore years back... it was a cube farm of local ijits answering the phone and asking a few prelims to see if they were a potential mine or not. Once they answered enough questions correctly the calls went to another side of the farm where better dressed ijits asked more questions, until the call either led to an appointment or it ending. If they got “another customer” the ijit would get up and ring a bell like they got good service at Arby’s or something. They’d all cheer, talk about getting a chicken box that day to celebrate... I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  

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Spring trip to southern end of the bay is in just under two weeks. First year we’ve had this warm of weather forecasted for the spring trip. Crabs steaming on the campfire... can’t wait! 

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