Metal Lip Swimmers

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this is a monster swimmer built by a friend of mine whom I fish with quite a bit.

it is totally massive on all accounts.

thing has shoulders and is so big it even wears bloomers.

was given to me by him last season and will be fished this year.

although it is massive,it is not heavy,maybe just a bit over 3 oz.

it is an EJM heavy hitter.

we will see what it can do out there soon.

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the plug in these shots is also a monster.

one of my ideas I came up with that worked out perfectly.

the perfect test for this was with the tide being  a 1/4 out,water ripping kinda hard and nice gators staying waay out in the rips where the rips look like long dancing black legs.

I slung her out there and did the LDP method.

got into 3 before they stopped feeding,dropped the first one and landed the last 2.

I was very happy with how it performs.

it is yet another version of the original hound dog design but,totally done by hand so,it does vary when compared to the original hound dog design.

since I have a liking for the Rudolph color I did it up in those colors with a twist,not just a red nose.


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