Looks like Governor Murphy might be trying to kill the new public access bill

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23 hours ago, fdhog said:

There are a lot of people on assistance and a lot who don’t have to pay property tax. We’re outnumbered. 

And, "therein lies the rub", to use a figure of speech.

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55 mins ago, nam1969 said:

Just the opposite. They don't subscribe to the "party line" of either party, although they agree/disagree with specific policies. They tend to vote for the best candidate and the issues. I happen to be one of them. Grew up a Democrat, watched what happened to that party, and chose not to affiliate (register) with either party. I vote the person and the issues. I know what I want (believe) and look for the candidate that best meets those expectations. Murphy is not one I would vote for.

I understand.  I'm a convert myself but I chose to register as Republican when I saw the antics of the dems and decided I didnt even want to be associated with them.    I like the ability to vote in the primary when I deem it necessary so I keep my affiliation. 

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In Mass for primary elections only, you can temporarily switch  from unaffiliated (called "unenrolled" in Mass) to Rep or Dem and then switch back again right after primary voting. Can't do that in NJ? 

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