Is Collusion-Gate the Mother of All Narrative Torpedos?

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6 hours ago, zybathegeek said:

Well why bother posting it?


The principles of readership are there to provide the medium where ideas are conveyed coherently between the author and the reader, well designed, the conveyance encourages an easy reading rhythm, and thus readership.


Posting a block of continuous text not only confronts the eye, it also discourages readership to the degree that the brain literally shuts down and ignores the passages due because the medium is incoherent, confronting, and discourages readership.


As I said at the outset, why bother posting anything if it is too hard to read, and as such, will not get read anyway.

Talk to the people that copy/paste thirty paragraphs of links and embedded crap :read: I prefer and have asked for almost two decades for people to copy/paste the portion of the article most RELEVANT to whatever point they are trying to make or discussion they want to have. I’m not reading thirty paragraphs to guess what paragraph or two would be best for the point they are trying to make. 


I just remove the links and embedded crap and then post it as plain text. If they want people to read their whole post they should choose the important paragraph or two - so I have two choices, delete the whole thing - or copy/paste as plain text. Nobody says you have to read any post you don’t find visually satisfying :)



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19 mins ago, JohnP said:


Obama was colluding with the Russians right?

Yup, that whole “Reset” and “more flexibility after the elections” bit, right? 

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1 hour ago, tomkaz said:


Ok watch this movie some time. It’s a classic  kids loved it

watch the part about the submarines 




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