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In another time this is the time of the year that we would all be waiting for in great anticipation of another year of great fishing on the outer beaches out at Race Point and Nauset.

The Race Point area now has the stickers available for your four wheels . The lines to obtain the first stickers was a slow caravan going along the main road route 6 to wait in line and have the rangers check out all of what you needed to satisfy the requirements. Fire extinguisher, Tow rope, shovel, tire jack and wood blocks along with a tire gage and air pump[some of us even used old propane cylinders to store air . That was a pain as it took up valuable space really needed for something else.

Now most entrances to the various beaches have air stations as you leave to reinflate your tires . This was also another ritual to find the first local gas station that would give you free air , no matter when you showed up . The ones that gave us free air also would get our business in case of a break down or gas up for the tyrip back home.  

I might have missed something, since it has been awhile since we have followed an old ritual every year to get a permit [at one time they were numbered in how many they issued] .  The beach fishing over these past years has changed from a time when you would be lucky to find a spot among all of the campers and buggies looking for striped bass to now it is almost barren of vehicles . THe Piping plovers closed the beaches far to long each year and remained the controlling way how many could fish the beach during the nesting period . Another time of reflections and great experiences along the many beach fronts out on Race Point and Nauset , locked in the memories of a time long past before the computers and cell phones made it all so much easier to get into some fish.

A time where your experiences were kept in a note book of the times with much detail regarding the locations and spots we all fished together in peace and harmony. If you helped some one out of a jam you would always be rewarded later when you needed help yourself. It was the code of the beach no matter what to stop and assist in any one stuck to get them going again.  Men like Charlie Murat, Jack and Frank Woolner , Robert Black, Arnie Lane, George Carlzone,Edward Podolak Frank Chipman, Howard Plummer jr. A. W Spofford   Arthur Sullivan along with several ladies of the beach like Kay Townsend, Dorothy Calabrese Sally Calabrese , some of the original beach rats to fish these places of fine sugar sand. May they all rest in eternal peace with King Neptune

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