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The Darling vs Dykstra saga

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Fly By Nite

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What are your thoughts on this?  I think the Yale alumnus will likely have to pay the price for underestimating who he assumed was a washed out piece of ****. Turns out Nails has some sort of Twitter following and is fighting Ron hard for calling him a racist.  So far i haven't heard another player validate Ron's story, even oil can Boyd himself, who turns out was smoking crack the night before his start, so who the hell knows what mental state he was in.  Darling is on an island by himself and Nails using the power of Twitter to attack him.  Will get interesting for sure.

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I remember seeing an interview with him like 5 years ago or so. He was an investment broker.Seems he cheated a lot of investors out of money. There was a stewardess on a private plane  he chartered for investors ,he screwed her over for the hotel fees for himself and the investors on the plane. He's a real piece of work.

Practice catch and release
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