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Opinions - Orvis Recon vs Winston Boron IIx 7wt for freshwater sm bass

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may have an opportunity to buy one of these rods used.  I have a boron iix in 9wt that I use occasionally for stripers and like it, but the recon seems universally liked.  the rod would be for freshwater use only for smallies up to maybe 3lbs.

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I am a big fan of the winston boron rods.


I don't think the IIx is available any longer, I think they are up to the III (3rd generation). 


I prefer a more moderate flexing rod when I'm throwing clouser's, topwater bugs, and weighted buggers. I prefer the Saltwater Air over the III Plus. 


If you prefer a faster action rod, go with the plus, if you prefer a little more flex and feel in your rod, go with the saltwater air.


I do not know of anyone who is ever disappointed with a nice high end Winston Fly Rod, they just make great rods.

Make it a great day!

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I use a 6 wt. St. Croix Bankrobber fo my river Smallmouth Bass fishing. Love that rod, its got the perfect action for me...Since it was designed as a streamer rod, it throws bulky Smallmouth flys with ease.A 7 wt. is probably more of an allrounder, but the 6wt. is nice for the size of fish you describe..


Whoops didn't see that you have a chance to buy them used....

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I have a 7 wt Winston BIIx which I absolutely love. I mainly use it for freshwater (LM bass & peacocks) but also for light saltwater use. The whole BIIx series loads quickly and easily for quick presentations up close - and you can also do longer casts just as easily (just not too long, maybe) if you just let the rod do its thing. Great feel, beautiful rods. 

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Sage Smallmouth 290 Rod!


It might be my favorite rod to fish.  But it is not good for sinking lines.  If you are just floating and intermediate it is awesome.  I use it also for redfish and snook.


The Orvis Recon cant be beat as a general purpose 7wt.  But again the sage rod as a specialty rod is just so fun to fish.



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