St. Croix Warranty

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2 hours ago, willcodfish said:

No virtual stuff but I can guarantee you a personal beating..comes with a warranty's little virtual big mouths like u ..that need to stop by the canal say Saturday and Sunday morning bout 2 a.m. for some real fun won't be a virtual beating youll wish it was but the real one u will receive..u types type a good yarn but when face to face u have nothing to up I'll let u touch my legend then I'll slap u with'll b in the west end hero..see if have the sac to open your mouth then skippy

So let me get this straight - someone disagrees with your opinion so you threaten them? Did you know it’s a felony to threaten someone online? I’ll leave it up to Levari how he wants to handle that part of it. As to your using my website to make physical threats to other site members, that I can promise you won’t happen again.



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