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slammer 4500 knobs

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I have several slammer III s in my current inventory, and Im pleased with their performance. I seem to be using the 4500 the most lately and I wish i could have a large style eva knob ( like on my 5500 s ) for it instead of the little 2 finger one that comes with it. I tried  an after market knob on bushings, and while it works I miss the smoothness that the penn knobs have.

Is there any combination of penn parts i can purchase that will allow their larger style eva foam knob to be used on a 4500 ? 


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The round EVA knob for the smaller reels are currently Australia specific, you could attempt to order direct from them, I am just not sure about pricing and shipping.  The knob is round but not larger than the Slammer III 4500 metal knob.  The entire assembly will not fit, you need to purchase the EVA knob and any other parts not the same as the Slammer III listed here: CLA3000




Monday thru Friday
8:00 A.M. - 4:00P.M. EST
Phone: 1800 106 389
Fax: 02 4353 1744



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I had no luck with Australian Penn.

I bought an after market eva knob from fleabey. I was told i could use a punch to knock the knob axle out of the

handle shaft, in my case i ended up having to drill most of knob axle out (used a milling machine) then punched

it out. The new knob axle shaft is 1mm larger than the penn, Again I used a milling machine to bore it out.

The new eva knob axle shaft is retained to the handle shaft with a set screw . I bought the optional bearing that

is supposed to work with the shaft, but it has a smaller i.d. than the new axle and i could not use it.  Oiling the

bushing makes it work acceptably, but has no where near the smoothness of the factory knob, but for me the

eva knob is a lot better then the big (tad heavy) aluminum lump.

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