What do you say to guys keeping pre-spawn breeder females

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4 hours ago, Kones1 said:

Many people can only catch fish from a boat or in tha canal. They are not fishermen. They are opportunistic,cheaters,liars , users and general low life scum. In my humble opinion. I really hope they shut that canal down for fishing


That is your humble opinion? 


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4 hours ago, pakalolo said:

 A June 1st opening for bass COASTWIDE with no exceptions combined with a 30" size limit would be a start to ensuring that the fish able to spawn get to do so unmolested and move out of the spawning areas without having to run the gauntlet of "sport" fishermen waiting for them.

I like this. Id even make the size longer. But

that's easy for me as I don't like to eat them.

I don't believe there is a way to get an accurate

estimate, but id like to no how much damage

C n R guys, like myself, cause. Something needs

to b done. I have no faith in the system and the

powers that be who are in charge now.

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