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Jeopardy record shattered.

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2 hours ago, Kml said:

I try to watch every day. Last night I had to get taxes done so I missed it. I gotta get a dvr.



I can watch an episode in about 15-17 minutes. I dvr it every day, and then binge watch. 

You know it must be a penguin bound down if you hear that terrible screaming and there ain't no other birds around. 

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The guy takes all the suspense out of final jeopardy because the competition doesn't have enough money to catch him.


He went in yesterday with around $75k and put down $36k for final.

I love when we make way past the breakwater at first light and head out, there's nothing better, the whole rest of the world just melts away for me.

(*edited - member formerly known as 'windknot')

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I haven't been able to watch for a few days, and don't bother to set the DVR. Anybody know why you can't get recent episodes On Demand? Xfinity has a listing for the show, but only past seasons are available. Does the show have some special deal with Hulu or something?


Oh well, just set a timer in the Xfinity Roku app. Don't have a lot of room in the DISH DVR.  

I'll have mine on the rocks.

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He is a really good player. 

When he first came on I hated the way he plays the game. He goes  for the highest dollar clue across the bottom of the board makes me nuts but he gets it right so who am I. 

It is fun to watch from my couch, not so much for the two broads to his left tonight because that is all they get to do is watch. 

It must suck to finally get selected and be invited to play, you get there and this guy is the current champ. 


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