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No alcohol at Sandy Hook

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I n the past I didn't know it was allowed and is get so mad when I'd take the ride there after work on a Friday or Saturday and see all the cases and cans left by the slobs.  There were times I used to sneak a few bears in this messenger bag I used to use as a plug bag when I wanted to carry a sandwich or  wgatever. I'd have a couple beers with my brother 2 for each of us on a Friday night or whatever, crush the fans and toss them back in the bag. There were times I got checked and nothing was ever said.  I thought I was so slick. Then wife and I started going to some of the summer concerts and I realized it was allowed. 

i don't care, with the mess the slobs make I'm fine with it being banned. 

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Relax everyone.  They don't have enough personnel to police it.  You'll still be able to drink.  Trust me, the kegs will still be buried in the sand and the cocktails will flow.

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