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Here’s mine


fishing on a mountain lake, pretty gloomy foggy weather. Hadn’t seen any lightning or heard any thunder but it had been sprinkling on and off. I was casting a mepps cyclops for rainbow trout from a rental boat. I had just got a new fenwick HMG and there is a small metal ring on the bottom of the handle. I grabbed that ring to do a two handed cast and it started electrocuting me. This continued for another 10 minutes and at one point it was shocking me through the rubber reel seat. At that point I put my rod down in the boat and drove to shore. We were in the middle of a lake with graphite poles and a tin boat while they were electrocuting me.


lets here yours

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I tend to get off a lake if I start hearing thunder.  A couple of close encounters on a lake in Northern Ontario.  My buddy and I were fishing off an island in the lake.  It was a clear day with a lot of cumulus clouds.   Some of them were starting to go vertical, but didn't look threatening.   There was one sitting between us and another island about a 1/4 mile away.  The bottom was dark but nothing to worry about.  We're looking at it and a bolt of lightning comes out of the bottom and takes out a tree on the other island.  We couldn't get our lines in and the anchor up fast enough.

Another time I'd gone out by myself.  It was cloudy, humid day.  I was tucked in a cove along a point with three other boats from the lodge.  I'd just lost a big pike and was tying on a new rig.  The hills around the cove blocked any view of the west.   I heard a rumble of thunder and then another one.  I said the hell with it, pulled up anchor and headed back to the lodge, about a 15 minute run from where we were.  The other guys ribbed me as I left.  I got back to the lodge and hadn't even gotten my gear out of the boat when I looked down the lake and saw this wall of rain pushing white caps in front of it coming up the lake.  I headed for the cabin but watched the storm when it hit the island it took out the windmill they used to charge batteries.  About a half hour after the storm passed the three other boats pulled in.  They gotten about 5 minutes from where we were fishing and pulled up on an island that had a small ranger station on it and huddled under the eaves.  They told us the lightning was so bad the air smelled like ozone and the hair on their heads and arms was standing straight up.   I don't like thunder storms when I'm fishing.

After a storm there's always a rainbow.




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