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On 4/3/2019 at 9:56 PM, Fish it all said:

RI dem just posted they dumped a 7lb plus golden trout in one of the stocked ponds.

 Big SOB.

 Special reward for the catch .

 Needs to be weighed at a certified weigh in station etc.





That is one weird specimen. 

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28 mins ago, Kooky said:

an osprey would see that thing from miles away!  just not sure they could lift it!

or a northern pike

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Opening day of Trout Season. Lots of rain in the morning till noon, weather cleared in the afternoon. The action was terrible slow. Scott, my son releast a nice three pound rainbow shortly after 6:00am. Tons of shots at golden trout, but those fish must be genetically altered and coded not to be agressive. They were around all day at our feet, just wouldn't even look at an offering. Seen two glden caught oall morning maybe on spoons.We ended up at Frosty Hollow, a kids pond for under 15. Good to see so many youngsters. Half the people fishing were adults. Not even a child near them. All toll, only two rainbows. Not even a follow from a golden. My grandson Mason had a blast. Even though fishing was very slow, you can see he has patients and he's only three. He has some skill already. Didn't want to go home even though the bite was poor.




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Took the kids out after the rain chilled, but fish were not biting.  Threw everything at a big pile of those golden fish and they never even looked.  Very slow bite for the kids but nice getting out.

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