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Are VIIth Annual Fluke Fling attended by various miscreants will go forth as planned on Friday, July 26th. Well, as planned as a bunch of idiots can muster.

So mark your calendars, cancel your vacations, do whatever you need to do.
As in years past we will stick with a one spot per member policy. Right of first refusal goes to last years attendees Tavern contributors. IF YOU ARE ON THE LIST FROM LAST YEAR (below) PLEASE CONFIRM ASAP YOU WANT TO COME THIS YEAR.  

Directions and other stuff at the boat website:  mimvi dot calm

Mimi VI
The Mimi is located at 405 Channel Dr., Pt. Pleasant Beach.
I will start collecting money now, June 1 is the deadline.  No exceptions.

The fare will be $95/tip included based on 25 people. We sail at 7A sharp. Bring your own drink. (cost of poker went up this year, fare includes boat, tip and sandwiches)

Again, I will only be accepting payment via PayPal. If you don't have an account it is simple to set up, even McGreek can do it!!

ALSO, select the Family and Friends or whatever they call it now,option, so you pay the vig....and please include your screen name in the message.

PayPal address is

So, who's in? Speak up and then shut your pie holes.
1. Piney McGreek paid
2. Tom T paid 200 deposit
3. Homer paid and refunded
4. JMB  paid
5. Byron PA paid
6. Mr. Looney Tunes paid
7. Brother Brian paid
8. Windknot paid
9. chumbucket  paid
10. makomakoman paid
11. bellringer paid
12. New guy Dutch paid
13. rocco paid
14. Mitchell  paid
15. Terri Mae paid
16. Jim Breezy paid and refunded
17. redfishkiller  
18. Kml  paid
19. Nifty paid
20. Sandalman paid
21. Peaches paid
22.  Y  paid via Tom deal
23. Kneel paid
24. FrankStar paid
25. 2sammich  paid
26. Pete!  paid cash

Waiting list




Always Wading


lbi surfrat




Eric J


Bradley Beach Man


Lou T

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I bailed last year, so I guess that puts me on the waiting list.  Unless there is an opening.  Either way mark me where there's room.

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Just now, Terry Mac said:

Please fellas, one response per person in this thread.

Its time to get some dam order going you blabbering yentas. :dismay:


I only posted once.

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