Few pictures from Exmouth WA

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Howdy folks,


Here's a few shots from our recent Australian trip. Exmouth only gave us glimpses of it's potential, but all and all it was a fun trip. We got skunked on most of our days, but when it happened it happened. Very bizarre trip for me as I've never seen fish that act so passive and on the days the bite was on, I've never seen or experienced so many lost fish to sharks and reefs. Especially the reefs just demolished our spirits. The variety of fish that can be caught around the cape is just mind blowing. We caught many different trevallies, cods(groupers), snappers, mac tuna, mackerels, had some monster size cobia on, queenfish and of course sharks... At some point when I get more money saved, I just have to go back. The two week stretch that we were there was just so bad compared to normal weeks that we will have do better next time. The low pressure that was sitting there for two weeks just did not do us any favors. 





















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Love the place. If I'd known you were coming over this way, I would have tried to catch up with you.




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13 hours ago, mightyrime said:



that place is towards the top of my exotic wish list.  

Even though our Captain Ben said "this has surely been the lousiest 2weeks of fishing I've seen in years", the glimpses we got of the potential the place has to offer really merits it's reputation. Have to go back at some point and see if we just had bad luck or what on this trip. 

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7 hours ago, ferret said:

very cool pics, thanks for sharing, is that sea lice on the albies?

Some of the Mac Tunas(long lost brothers of the albies) had sea lice on them yes.

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I love Exmouth. You were really, really unlucky with the weather etc. I was there in mid-Jan and the winds were an issue but we did have a great time and caught quite a few. I love those queenfish and golden trevs - total value on a fly rod. The shore fishing has been poor this year by all accounts. 

A friend is trailering his boat up there next month for 2 weeks - I wish I could get over there! I still need to tick off an aussie bonefish, barramundi, giant herring and GT off the species list.

Did Ben tell you about the 30lb Giant Herring they get up there sometimes?

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It's a special place for sure.  I've been about 10 times now and I still haven't scratched the surface.  The sheer isolation of the place is part of its charm and the fish are just mental.


Ben is a top bloke - but the weather will just do what it does.  I had a cyclone/hurricane one year.  Not fun (but there were still fish to be caught) 

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