Your Go-To Everglades Tarpon Flies

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Hi folks - 


What are your go-to Tarpon flies for the Glades?  I've tied up some bunnies, toads and EP minnows, but wondering if you all have special patterns/color combos.



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Depends on the tarpon, and where. For juvies I use alot of small gurglers and clousers, bendback variations for working mangroves. For larger fish in open water I like a big soft hackle streamer, always black, and sometimes with a sparse hank of deer body hair trimmed to push water.

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I agree with most of what was said by the others.


I like Seaducers in white and red, and if your in the tannic stained water, yellow and red works well too. I like the B10S hook by Gama for these.


I also am a fan of the old reliable, bendback. Pink over white with some pearl flashabou and grey ghost krystal flash.


These are my preferred flies as I can see them and see the strikes. Oftentimes, black or blurple flies are needed, the bendback in blurple is deadly, so is a deciever.


I am not a fan of leadeyes in flies for tarpon, I think they when they jump it opens up the hole in their mouth and helps the fish get off as they do so often.


My last suggestion would be a murdich minnow. The fly has a stall effect that is just deadly on fish.

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