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3 mins ago, buddha162 said:


That would be too easy :):):)


What gives me pause is the fact that there're no sides to my kayak...the one time I flipped water pushed up and over the pontoons on one side, but that was obviously current-induced. I will definitely try this in calm winds, thank you for the suggestion!

Yes, that is how current flips a kayak. If you're not going at the same speed as the current and get sideways, like if you're on a rock or piling, it will "pile up" and flip you. The defense is to lean away from the current and lift the "upstream" edge. But only current can do that, not wind. No amount of wind when I'm using a drift sock has ever made me feel unstable.

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Attaching midship in calm conditions is ok, until a big wave or wake comes calling. Thinking out of the box here. How about running a trolley inside a 10’ section of 3/4-1” pvc pipe that is attached to the seat/ cooler, and lashed to the bow. A tie off cleat could be attached to the pvc by the seat.


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