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I was just in a tackle store today. They had mostly st croix Rods and some penn rods. Nothing really caught my eye or stood out. 


Then I noticed they had some shimano rods stocked. I picked up a couple of the Speedmaster rods. The 10’ 3/4 - 4 oz felt like a really nice rod. A really great buy for $149. It felt crisp and like it would have just the right action for a good range of lures. 


It actually felt better to me than the legend surf rods they had stocked action wise. 


Didnt put a reel on it or anything like that but wanted to pass my .02 on for whatever it’s worth. 

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Hi all, 


Wanted to share my first impressions on the Shimano Speedmaster 11-ft (2-6) Medium-heavy. I wanted to get the 12 ft one but I had a Bass Pro gift card and they don't stock the 12-ft.

  • I used Power Pro 20-lb and 20-ft of 40-lb mono shock leader tied with an FG knot.
  • I do Surf fishing in Florida and I target fish no larger than 10lbs (Pompano, Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, etc.)
  • My rig is a Pompano rig with a 4-oz pyramid sinker with two droppers.
  • Reel Ultegra Ci4+ 5500 
  • I am a novice and my casting technique is pretty raw.

Quality of the rod: I come from a Penn Prevail II 12ft heavy 4-8, so this is my nicest rod so far. The fuji guides are really nice, the rod it is flat black (no shiny coating compared to my Prevail), the reel seat is nothing fancy, I think the seat on my Prevail is better. The end of the rod has the X-wrap made of rubber, which is nice to handle the rod. 


Things that I liked: The line just flows off the reel-rod amazingly and quietly, I was able to cast, without much effort and a pretty raw technique, 90 yards (no wind). Distance was calculated when I reeled in with the number of cranks. So I think that, with improvement on my technique and perhaps using a more aerodynamic sputnik sinker, I can probably get to 115 yards. The rod only weights 400 grams (14 oz) coupled with my Ultegra, the whole set up weights only 850 grams! (1lb 14oz), which is an amazing ultralight set-up to cast all day long. 


PS: I wonder if the Tiralejo is worth $150 more...the people from Shimano told me that the main difference was the quality of the blank.

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On 2019/3/17 at 10:51 PM, SurfNY said:

Glad im not the only one that experienced that with Ticas. For a while there I thought i was crazy. Picked up an 8’ USGA 1/2 - 2oz a while back. Had it paired with a reel that seemed perfect in size but during the first outing it became painfully obvious that the rod was tip heavy. Tried a couple more reels and stashed it away since nothing seemed to work. Forward a year later, while gearing up for spring, i came across it again and on a whim paired it with a fin-nor LT60 and took it out for a spin...perfect match. Ever since then it has become my favorite light back bay spinner. Lesson learned was that rods designed for surf, even those with lighter ratings, will often require a much heavier reel than initially thought in order to achieve a desired balance. Which is a subjective matter in itself. However, for myself it means a paired rod that stays in a level position when lifted with one finger right above the end of the reel spool. 


how about your experience with fin nor lt 60?

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