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On 3/8/2019 at 8:50 PM, Kml said:

Do not underestimate yourself. I have seen no evidence that the ACOE is smarter than my dog.

I don’t have a dog but you get my point. Logic left the room a long time ago. 


Truer words were never spoken... In fact all evidence I've seen suggests that most breeds are indeed smarter than the ACOE.


Kind of comical that the real life example they post is a pic of the "Bayou Dupre Sector Gate" which looks like some narrow back bay creek maybe 10 yards wide....oh yeah, now that's analogous to either the Manasquan or Barnegat Inlets...go back and pump some more sand boys and post the cost-benefit analysis of that little exercise.


I wouldn't trust them to figure out how to divert the water away from my driveway when the sump pump trips.


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Thanks for all your responses. Im really grappling with this whole global warming and sea level rise conundrum. Is this one of the biggest scams ever ? Or is it legit? Something tells me it could be both! Not the first time we've been lied to wont be the last. Im a big proponent of science yet life experience has taught me that the more abbreviations after your name the less common sense you have. I think changes are happening for sure. Will it be as bad as they predict? Time will tell. If it is as bad as they say it will be is it even possible to fight a force as awesome as the ocean? Small concentrated areas yes..but an area spanning from Queens all the way to BI and beyond? How practical is a 14ft wall of steel ,concrete, and sand ? If needed the landscape would be so dramitically different that one must question if its even worth saving to begin with. These geniuses cant even manage a trivial issue such as a striped bass population. We live in interesting times. I'll start believing it when the banks start factoring it into their lending practices for coastal areas. 

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Most of these "proposals" are 18 + years from first draft to start. The young ACOE interns and tech reps who build the models are early in their careers and will not see the completion in their careers. Starting with putting a barrier between Sandy Hook and Breezy Point the problems magnify. One of the most effected communities in Queens, Breezy Point is not even part of the discussion. The F&W guys will not buy this and the Gateway senior management is on a "return to nature" direction, not a wall building, sand moving, beach replenishing move. They are bucking the plan now from B149 in Rockaway ( east end of Riis Park ) to the Breezy Point tip.

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