Can Northeast Fishing Tackle be used in the south?

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Hey all, 


This question go out to all who have experience or intel on fishing the south beaches of Florida. 


Within the next few weeks I will be traveling to the beaches of southern Florida. I am looking to surf cast off the beach for just about whatever bites! I have every piece of fishing tackle a striped bass fisherman could want, however I am extremely ignorant on what to fish down south to target the sport fish of Florida. I plan on bringing a selection of lures to cover the water column  but I was curious as to what you all would recommend to bring with me.



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Past few years I have shipped down a medium flat rate box to the keys. Easiest way to get your lures down if you're not checking a suitcase. Seems like you're at the whim of a TSA agent if you bring them on your carry-on. 


Bucktails have worked the best for me from land and boat. If you bucktail up here you'll be fine in Florida. I've caught everything from a searobin to grouper on a bucktail in Florida. Soft plastics, pencils or a SS popper, minnow plugs, darters, and tins should do it. I totally recommend single hook plugs if you're targeting tarpon. They have a pretty tough jaw and you want to set the hook hard multiple times. Your plugs should have upgraded split rings and hooks. Live shrimp will def put a bend in your rod. Hit up a few of the local tackle shops and spend a few bucks, the shops I went visited were really great explaining what tackle should be used for the area's I planned on fishing. I may have diverted some time at work to studying Google maps to see what looked fishy to me and based my conversations with the guys at the shop around that information. Lastly, make sure you get a your fishing license. I wish NY had the Enforcement Florida is able to provide. 


Where are planning on staying, I'm sure more guys will chime in or you can try in the florida forum here on Sol. I put in a 14 hr day at work so I'll try to remember to keep on an eye on this thread. 

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Buck tails will work. Jighead with plastic swimbait or gulp or tipped with shrimp. X raps are also a good one. A small cheap cast net is a good idea as well as live white off the beach will good.


You likely won't see 9 ft plus surf rods depending on where you are. 7.5 inshore rod will likely do the trick. If going for snook from the beach they are typically right in the first trough.

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