Pompano and the Surf Table

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Where I fish, if I did not walk out to the second bar, I could not hit the third bar from shore or from the first bar. The guys in the boats are out at the third bar. There are some safety considerations for going out to the second bar. 

People on this site make fun of me for not going in the water, or they did, until someone in the Northeast was eaten by a shark.  I was pretty brave too, at one time, but, after wading in and fishing, and running out of the water because of large sharks, I have changed my mind.  They will follow lures and hooked fish as you reel, which means you are in their path. I have seen them in waves chasing schools of fish, just yards away from me. Starting in about May, and going into September, the waters are loaded with sharks.  Most of them are small, but even the small ones can give you a bite that requires stitches.  You would be surprised what size sharks can be in three feet of water.

The other issue is drowning. Once you make it to the second sandbar, you have limited time to fish that area safely. I put up a spike at the edge of the bar just to watch the water level.  I know after a certain time, the water will begin moving fast enough to knock a man off his feet. 

If you are going to do this, be very mindful. 

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Tippers follow pompano. I watched waves of them pushing Pomp's down the beach all last week. Goofy jigs are the most fun, for straight meat on the table 15lb fluro and gold #2 kahles with fleas. Some days there past the 3rd bar, all depends on what beach to fish as others have said.

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On 3/7/2019 at 3:47 PM, cyprian10 said:

Thanks for your detailed reply FishMortician. I fish in Florida when I come over from my home in the U.K.  and keep a selection of tackle at my house in Davenport. I was thinking of bringing a long distance rod from here. However the conditions here are not as kind as in Florida, we have to deal with rough ground and 40 foot spring tides. I have brought a couple of rods from the U.K. but they proved over powerful in the sense that they  are much stiffer than the conditions require. I have been considering purchasing a Carolina cast pro 13’ 3-6 when I am over there but it to have been around for a while and built from Im6 carbon  whilst our latest rods are built using more advanced materials.  200yards with baited hooks is very long way to cast so at least I know that we are looking at cutting edge tackle. Maybe I should be looking at 14/15’ 3 piece EUROPEAN surf rods.



A couple of suggestions:


  1. I would look at some of the European Carbon Carp Rods, probably in the 2.50 to 3.00 Test Curve - these tend to be rated for 4oz max (approx. 113gm). The competitive carp casters over there exceed 200ft by an immense amount with a Overhead Thump Cast.  Century has the Graphene, Masters Range and Long Range series.  Daiwa has an international Carp Tackle line here in the US that is sold by Bass Pro Shops. I own and highly recommend their Tournament Basia Long Cast Reel, but can not make any recommendation on theirs or Century's Carp rods, as I have not yet ventured into this arena. 
  2. As another option, I built a Century Slingshot HJ144, marketed overseas as the Century NSure (inshore sea) - it is also rated 1-4 oz.  Back in 2012, having rigged it with a Van Stall 250 (model prior to the VSX series, which has much better line lay). 30lb Power Pro and a 65lb Braid Shock Leader, I managed to throw a 3oz Metal 351ft using a Uni-Tech Cast, measured on a field during a Sport Cast USA tournament.  At the time I had a loose prosthetic left knee, and my entire Lumbar Spine is herniated, so I am sure this rod has a 200ft potential, especially with a Long Cast Spinning Reel.
  3. ZZiplex recently introduced the Primo Match - it is 13ft, rated for 150gm (170gm max), and has, as I recall, a Fiberglass (s-Glass?) tip section, so you have the butt section casting power and the increased tip sensitivity for the small fish normally caught during Match Tournaments.

Hope this helps.

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