Last Day of February - Medical Status Update

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I thought I would update my status and how things stand as of today.


There has been a set back or two since I made it through my radiation and chemo treatments. I figured once I got through those treatments  it would then just be a matter of now just building up my strength. Things looked good the first few weeks those treatments but then I started having some issues that started with my gums bleeding and I thought that was just some after effects of the radiation.


The Bleeding would happen for a few day and then stop for a few weeks and start up again. Then out of the blue, I had an episode of bleeding that warranted a trip to the emergency room where I spent 13 hours before finally being sent by ambulance to Mass General Hospital.


What happened on the night before the bleeding was so intense for the first 5 hours was I would cough up clots of blood big enough to fill the palm of my hand every 15 minutes. After the 5 hours of heavy bleeding it finally slowed and stopped. This was my wifes birthday present.


I spent 4 days in the hospital for observation to try and determine the origin of the bleeding. While I was in the hospital they did a CT scan and it showed a nodule that looked like the place of the bleeds. They decided to repair the bleed with surgical foam and hold me for more days of observation and after a few days of no bleeding they sent me home.


The day after I returned home the bleeding started again but due a big storm I was not able to get back into Boston. I finally was able to back into Boston a few days later and my doctor admitted me and it was determined the bleeding was also coming from back in my throat.


The bleed in my throat required a 2 hour surgery and closed two areas of bleeding then I spent 5 hours in recovery.  Once again I was held for observation and my Dr after looking at the CT and the nodule he said it looked suspicious to him and ordered a biopsy which they did and again they closed the wound with surgical foam. I stayed in the hospital a few days and was sent home while we waited on the biopsy results.


The results of the biopsy showed that it was again a cancer and I am now again scheduled for surgery on March 13th. My surgeon said the tumor is located in an area that is easy to reach and remove and the procedure would take less than and hour. The procedure would require the area of the tumor then be repaired with a skin graft from my leg. My Dr told me I would be in the hospital 4 or 5 days and my recovery time frame would be 2 to 3 weeks.


My Dr also told me that because of all my recent trips in and out that one of the scans showed an area of concern that also popped up, it  was a early scan that showed a spot on one if my lungs that required further scrutiny and so those results were referred to some Oncology doctors at Mass General. The spot on my lungs was not there in earlier scans in my all  records but after a careful review of my records it was determined that the spot was from my episode in August last year when I aspirated and soup got into my lungs. At one point they considered doing a biopsy but after reviewing all the records they were very confident that the spot over the next few months would get smaller and not be an issue but would do another scan in 6 months That was one less thing I would have to worry about.


Now it is I just wait to have my surgery and so with all of this I guess I will have to change my plans of going to Florida from April 1 to May 1. I still have every intention of posting a Snook picture this Spring.


Sorry to bore you with all of this but I'm home, it's snowing again and I'm bored.  

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Wishing and praying for a good outcome for you.   The good thing is that we're close to Boston with some of the best medical minds in the world.   I can't say enough good things about Mass General having just been discharged from there last night after having vascular surgery.   The care and attention was unbelievable.   The beds ehhh not so much :)   Take care and speedy recovery.



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