Switch to a Pelican Catch 100 from my Wilderness Ride 135?

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I've had my Wilderness Ride 135 since 2008 and used it a lot those early years on bigger salt water bays and rivers. Now I do my fishing much closer to home which means small bodies of waters like ponds and smaller tributaries of main rivers. I have a number of upgrades planned for my Ride 135 but am reconsidering buying a smaller kayak as a better fit.


This Pelican Catch 100 seems to have the various accessories as factory features that I was thinking of adding to my Ride 135. This Pelican has an awesome supportive 2-position seat, rod holders, rails for accessories and better storage. At 10' long it will be lighter and easier to load/transport/launch than my longer and heavier Ride 135. The Pelican is around 50 pounds and the Ride is 80. Both looks to be exceptionally stable.


I love the Ride but think this Pelican has everything I really want, and that chair might be the deal closer. To me the Ride shines on bigger water where you need to carry more gear and would appreciate the overall bigger hull, but this Catch 100 looks like a killer pond/small water boat and that is where I'm really focusing. I am sure I could sell the Ride 135 for a few hundred to offset the new purchase. Anything I might be overlooking in my cabin fever haste to jump into another boat?!?!?!?



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Looks like a nice ride. Good luck with it.  I don't think you could paddle to far in this kayak.

It is pretty wide and not very long. If you don't  paddle to far it should work well.

If you want to paddle a little more distance you may want to consider a narrower longer kayak.

There are trade offs  the narrower kayak may not feel as stable?

I found this on line :

    10 ft - 305 cm
    34 in. - 86 cm
    15 in. - 38 cm
    54 lb - 24.5 kg
    350 lb - 159 kg

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I have that my Ride is 31.5" wide, so this Catch 100 looks even a little wider than that. This should help with standing.


Agreed - I am not doing long paddles. Just not needed where I go. I have done some long paddles (for me) in the Ride but that is when i was hitting big water and had a ways to paddle to hit good fishing grounds. When i did I almost hated it as I don't do enough of it so am always out of shape and practice. Here I'm going to either be in a pond or following a river downstream on a float.


I do think it will annoy me some even on short paddles by walking side to side as i paddle. If needed I can put a skeg on it. Never needed that with the Ride.

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Pulled the trigger on the Catch 100! It was surprisingly hard to find one near me but eventually one appeared and at a good price from Dick’s. 


I’ve only used it once so far but it was everything I was expecting. It is noticeably lighter than my Wilderness Ride 135 and the seat is definitely more supportive. I’m casting better with the adjustable height seat. The footwell area is larger than on my Ride which means I can keep more gear right in front of me.


It certainly felt different though than my bigger and more stable Ride and has given me a renewed appreciation for the Ride. Originally I was thinking of selling the Ride when I got used to the Pelican but now I’m going to keep the Ride even thought the Catch is going to be my primary yak. The Catch did react more to slight winds and it also pivoted during retrieve of certain lures that had a lot of resistance (spinner bait, some cranks). That was annoying but found I could manage it some by varying the way I held the rod. I don’t want to put a skeg on it but will see how she performs over a few trips.


Biggest annoyance for me was smacking my stowed rods in the rear facing rod holders while casting. I did that several times and lost a lure and had a couple nasty backlashes. That was one feature I was excited to get but now not sure i’ll Be able to use it while bass fishing.  







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