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I just want to thank  Fishweewee [Ben]. I contacted him in private asking if he could recommend someone local to me in Monmouth Co. NJ that  I could hire for  one on one handgun training for my daughter.  I received an simple reply back [ I can help, next Sat, Ben, with a phone #].   My youngest daughter Casey is currently in the Monmouth Co. Police Academy. Although she has been shooting with me for about 5 years or so, she was in need of fine-tuning her accuracy with the new firearm she needs to qualify with.  We purchased the Sig. .40 when we knew that was the firearm she needed to master, but It is a lot of gun for shooter of smaller stature and small hands.


All I can say is WOW! Within 30 minutes of working with her the improvement was amazing. He knows all the right ways to do things and the training tips and tricks to correct bad habits. After working on her form, grip, stance it improved her accuracy dramatically. He then began working with her on various shooting drills that may save her life one day. He covered clearing jamb's, shooting from cover vs. concealment and many more. He taught us both many drills she can practice on her own to continue to improve her gun handling skills.


He drove down 90 Min. from Conn. and spent 5 hours + with her today out in the cold at my club's range.  He wanted nothing in return and would not even let me cover his gas or toll expenses.

The man took a day away from his own family to come help a total stranger and his daughter on something that could be of lifesaving consequences.


Ben Thank You very much. I hope to see you at the fling next Sat.


Jim Breese

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A simple "thank you masked man" would have been sufficient.

Surprised that the NJ SP didn't receive orders from Lord Murphy to seize weewee at the border.

(that didn't sound right)

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like I said - I don't charge SOL members a thing.  always happy to help fellow sol members, time permitting.

priority given to LE and military.  this was definitely that case. :wee:


a few weekends ago:


"why didn't they teach me that at the academy????!!"


the answer: there's a lot more to being a cop than shooting.

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