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I'm not in, as you've already given me one (thanks again!), but for those who may not be familiar with the rig, they work nice, especially in shallower water.

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Great response so far. Just a little info for anyone not familiar with the float rig. 


Comes complete with two different size slip floats. A pack of float stops totaling 27 stops. Two snap swivels and six split shot weights. Also comes with four very short leadered hooks so all you need is your rod and bait. 

Anchor up and figure out your depth then set the stop a few feet short of that and let the rig drift away. I can spool about two hundred feet of line out and still see the float. you keep it clear of snags, crabs, weeds and many of the so called junk fish like searobins sand sharks, skates and oyster crackers. This rig is deadly on summer flounder and it's still a thrill like you were when you were a kid and watched the float go down when a sunny hit. 

There is a video of one of our float rig shows on Utube. Just search Jersey Cape Fishing Float Rig. 

Still have a few days left to enter for the free pack.  

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