Best place to eat before and after a fishing trip at the Jersey Shore

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26 mins ago, linesiderdemdnj said:

So what do the 4 question marks mean I can’t decipher it

That was in response to the post about a pizza place next to grumpys


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11 hours ago, scoobydoo said:

My favorite hot dogs are from windmill

If it as the one on rt35/Long Branch

Went there w/family several years ago[2-5?].

It was truly god awful.

Dirty, poor svs.

Terrible tasting dogs and everything else.

I told fam that everyone raved about it and went outta their way to go there.

They wanted to disown me, it so bad.

The ice cream shop next store was even worse. Lines out the door for some kinda ice cream substitute.

Had absolutely no taste....heard it closed down and something better is there.

hope everything got better[?]

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2 hours ago, Ben Lippen said:

That was in response to the post about a pizza place next to grumpys


I just don’t understand what response you are looking for with 4 question marks responding to what I said

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If you're going to IBSP, get a bacon egg and cheese sammich from Betty & Nicks. They pile on thick-cut deep fried bacon.  Great pancakes and omelettes too!!

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Okay, for what it is worth......have been going to Seaside Park to fish at least once a year, sometimes twice a year, since about 1995 and since I stay at a IBML in a one bedroom motel room, I eat "out" more often than not for the time I am down.


Over those 20+ years things have changed a lot......Bum's used to be great for their Happy Hour eats.....the last ten years, not so much. At the New Dolphin (remember them?), Eileen (Bill's wife) made a great Pork Roll Egg and Cheese sandwich for short change. But alas, we all know they are long gone.


Poor Boys in Seaside Heights was THE place to go for sub sandwiches, but now that lot is full of condo's. (Ben, remember that lunch break from fishing all those years ago when you, I, and Arby went there?)


For years MA Taylor was at Bum's on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and her breakfast sandwiches were by far the best around. Then they moved her up to Top of the Mast (at one point, both Bum's and TOTM were under the same ownership). Then a lot of **** went down and Ma, along with a lot of the Bum's staff, left (that is about the time the other food went downhill.)


She then was hired by Berkeley Seafood, and that was THE place to go for weekend breakfast. In the afternoons/evenings at times they would have various bar food for short money or even free. And of course you could go extravagant and dine upstairs in the restaurant proper. And then they too sold the building and land to the State Park and are gone. Ma now works on weekends at the Moose Lodge in Ortley, but you have to either be a member or go as a member's guest to get in.


I also used to go to the Sawmill around lunch time for a few beers and a slice, but since they remodeled they just have not been the same.


So choices, especially during the "off seasons" (which are the main fishing seasons) are pretty limited since a lot of places close for the winter.


The last few years, my go-to's have been Klee's for their Happy Hour, appy's half price from 3-6 PM, and most all of them are pretty good.


For sub sandwiches and soups a such, Ryan's deli is by far the best around, and are usually open year round, although when I was down this past November they were closed all week, so not sure what is up there. As an alternative this year I found Jersey Shore Subs on 37 over in Tom's River to be nearly as good as Ryan's, but that means going off island.


The Windjammer has a Happy Hour on certain days with free appy's, but I only went in there once, got a creepy feeling when I went in, and turned around and walked back out. Not sure why, but the place just gave me the creeps. I have since learned that a good part of their clientele are, well, let's say not the most upstanding folks around, as least in the off season.


For breakfast, other than the Moose on weekends, the guys I hang with usually end up at 4-C's in SSP. They are okay, not great.


There are other times I will get together with Rick and Steven and some others and head further out to places they know either in TR or up in Point Pleasant. But on the island itself, your choices are pretty limited unless you are in the middle of summer.


And of course there is Quick Stop in Lavalette, WaWa in Brick, and now Quick-Check just over the bridge, but they are well, what they are....

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