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Walkin' Jack

Flingin' in 'Jersey...A Texican's eye-view

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Daughter of a Fisherman, Miss Pam, TL Dig, Casting Dragon



Miss Pam, Wqalkin' Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Ditch Jigger



Mr. and Mrs. Hatman



Ben Lippen, Wind Knot, Mrs. Derf



Me wit da boss.



Dubs and wife



TL Dig and Chief 500 did a lot of work and a great job on the raffle.


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.....A few more.


Half an Otter redface.gif Fishin' Magician, and Squidlips



Sudsy, Shaky, and....ooops! redface.gif I enjoyed yakkin' wit ya but I just can't pull your name through the cobwebs at the moment. Sorry






Flukezilla Mr. and Mrs. Shadman (That's Mike Y behind Shadman)



Chief 500, Fishin' Magician and da bosses wife.



[ 03-07-2005, 04:31 PM: Message edited by: Walkin' Jack ]

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Sunday, Sedgeman, Ben and Tammy gave me and Miss Pam the grand tour of the beach. Here's a few shots of that.


Two of the best people on God's green earth! I mean it.



Me, Miss Pam Tammy and John



With Sedgeman



We were overcome. It happens when we are on the beach biggrin.gif


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Sure was a whirlwind of fun this weekend biggrin.gif


Great pictures Jack. I cant wait til I get my cd in the mail. I see a bunch that are gonna get printed, framed, and hung on my wall icon14.gifHappyWave.gif

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Friday night was dang near as much fun as the fling itself. Pam and I sayed in the Island Beach State Park and we were invited to Bum Roger's for some libations and a good meal. Here's a few from that.


Billy, our host at Bum's



Striper 53 and Steve in Mass.



Mr. and Mrs. Derf



Jenny and Wizzard Dude



Evette and Canyon Diver



Steve in Mass. and Glub



Wes, Tammy (shy?), Lisa, Doug, Pam, me, John, and Jenny


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Nice meeting you and misssus Jack. Would have liked to have talked more but there were a lot of people I missed from last year. John's a great host and he justr might have saved my butt thiss year cool.gif

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A few comments:


I hate lists. Each time I try I wind up leaving some one out, misspelling their name or any of a hundred faux pas. Still, I just have to try here. I can't let this week end go by with out thanking some and just acknowledging every one. (That I can think of, that is) If I omit you please just chalk it up to my Old-timers disease and not my lack of enjoyment at meeting every one.


The first thing that I must do is to thank Ben Lippen and TL Dig. Especially Ben. With out his encouragement I might not have made it. Tammy was right in there behind him with the help and encouragement. We love you guys to peices, don't ever forget that.


Sedgeman, the beach tour was killer. We can't thank you enough for taking your time to do that for us. Hopefully someday we will get you down here and we can reciprocate.


Derf, Thanks for letting us hook a ride back from the fling. We enjoyed being with y'all a lot!


Tim, Ultimately all thanks and credit go to you for giving us all a place to hang and providing the glue that keeps this all going.


Ditch Jigger and Tim and Dubs, It took me 8 years to FINALLY Get off my narrow be-hind and get up there and meet you all. It was worth the wait. You do not disappoint. We enjoyed meeting y'all and your ladies sooooo much.


Paul and Steve, Hangin' with you guys at Bum's was a total blast. You guys rock!


Canyon Diver, Sorry I let you down in the Pool games. I was a kinda, "relaxed"?.


Shadman, Squidlips, Shaky, Wizzard Dude, Mario, Hatman, Diamond Wrapper, Casting Draggon, Daughter of a fisherman, Carol S., Mrs. Ditchjigger, Bob no fish, Fungooli, Flukezilla, Ed J, BassBlitz, It was great hanging with y'all and connecting the names and faces.


Otter, I appreciate your kind remarks and encouragement.


Ditch Jigger, congratulations on your new bride. Y'all are great.


Chief 500, You da man! You don't need no stinking microphone! wink.gif


Ammodyte, I enjoyed your tactics with founder, Thanks for sharing that with me. I'll be trying some of that stuff out, donn'tcha know.


Mario and Tammy, thanks for the T-shirts! they are cool!


All in all it was just about all the fun we could stand.


The world can be a cold, hard, and dangerous place. It's not often you can meet a group of folks that have such a huge capacity for friendship, hospitality, thoughtfulness, kindness, and the ability and willingness to love other people. Pam and I are proud and honored to be a part of your group. You all love each other and care each other and help each other. We are blown away.


If any/all of you ever get a chance to come down here, You got a place to say and some guided fishing trips ahead!

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It was really great meeting you and Miss Pam on Saturday. Great pictures. icon14.gif It was a true joy speak to the both you. (Big hug here). Keep in mind, there is always next year. wink.gif



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Nice meetin' ya guys... Hope you had a nice trip home and like i said: "hope to see ya next year" smile.gif


BTW, enjoy line and leader from the auction... never thought that it'll travel to Texas... cwm31.gif Put 'em to good use! icon14.gif

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Jack, what can I say? We should have done it sooner man, and I can't wait to shake your hand again.


John--the dad on Family Ties? Is it me or do you look like Richie Cunningham on steroids biggrin.giftongue.gif

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