Rod Storage Solution in New House

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A while back I had posted a photo from the garage in my new house and someone asked about the rod storage concept I used. I promised a more detailed look at it and here it is. I had four 2’x8’ ceiling racks installed and had to clean everything out so gave me an opportunity to take a these photos. 


The hooks on top are from Gladiator. The rail is Gladiator GarageWorks GearTrach Channels which are sold in 2-packs at Bezos’ site. The hooks are actually called Fishing Pole Holders and can be used for vertical storage as shown or even horizontal. Much better space utilization with my tall ceilings going vertical. 


The lower is from Home Cheapo and is regular (non-fishing) tool hanging solution. I think the manufacturer is Unger but could be wrong. They sell a set that comes with four of the clamps and a length of rail as well as individual clamps. The clamps come in two sizes and I use both, depending on the diameter of the rod butt. 


The ceiling racks are a necessary expense due to the lack of basements in SE Florida (water table). I was spoiled with a massive amount of storage in Connecticut and I am slowly coming to grips with my current reality. But the mess is slowly being dealt with now that I have places to put “stuff” which I “might need” down the road. Somehow I have accumulated over a dozen claw/demo hammers over 30+ years. An equal number of channellocks, adjustable wrenches, etc. And extension cords! A couple hundred yards worth between all the different weights and usages...
















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Looks great, wish I had the ceilings height for that.  I've got 2 4' lengths of 2x4 hanging from the curtainrods of 2 windows on the same wall, put hooks equally spaced on each one and hung the rods horizontally.

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How do you think the foam will hold up that holds the rod tips when using overhead? 


I've had that rack in my amz cart for a while but my garage doesn't have the ceiling height so I've been debating on a decent overhead storage. My other option was to make a rack with some leftover lumber I have but for 10 bucks haha. 

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Does everybody leave the reels on their rods in these racks? I don't know why but I've always been careful not to do that and store the reels separately. Must have heard not to on some occasion and it always stuck with me

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