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22 hours ago, Markushook said:

Understand your point Ness. But, as JZ said, these people aren’t going anywhere! May as well do as the Dems are doing and leverage them for some gain.  

I refuse.  No more surrender. Surrender has been the status quo for DECADES.  No negotiating with people who do no to have our best interests as their primary concern.


Build this wall.  Then go after the other issues.  Crush employers.  Tell the "dreamers" that if they do leave and apply legally for reentry they have a solid chance at legal immigration if their record was clean.  Then tell them that if they do not leave immediately, they will not be permitted reentry, ever.  That should be SOP for anyone here illegally.


I guarantee you they will start moving.

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My grandfather came to American in 1901 he joined the army and fought in the “Great War” earning himself instant citizenship.  Dreamers who join the military today are still guaranteed that short cut  but they have to apply for citizenship just as my grandfather had to.  If other dreamers want citizenship they should do the same or at least apply for citizenship legally.  IMO there is only one exception to a dreamer being automatically  deported and that would be only if they were A) so young when their parents brought them to America that they don’t have a working knowledge of their parents language B) couldn’t possibly survive if suddenly dumped into what would be a completely foreign environment to them and C) they never knew they were in the country illegally to begin with. Luckily for the deportation lovers, this is something you shouldn’t need to worry about since “leftists democrats” and “Liberals” are so damn set on keeping the “dreamers in their proper place” by demanding America let them keep their native tongue and not forcing  them to learn english or even how to succeed in the english speaking world they live in. 

p.s. none of my grandparents spoke english, 2 Grandparents only spoke German and 1 only spoke Italian and the last one only spoke Gaelic but their plan was to immigrate to America and of them learned to speak english and became citizens. None of them ever planned to colonize America only to set up little colonies where they only spoke their native tongue and only obeyed the laws of the countries they came from such as some recent “invaders” who  demand the right to follow the same system of laws that had so horribly failed them in the countries they fled from.  “Honor Killings” my arse!

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