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Flounder reg in NYS

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22 hours ago, Jewjitzu said:

Just to avoid my own confusion, the dwindling population in NY is only related to winter flounder, correct?

This isn't effecting summer flounder/fluke? 

Yes, we're talking about winter flounder.

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20 hours ago, Popasilov said:

There is a little bit better situation with summer flounder, but it is in decline also.


We should have the report on the summer flounder banchmark stock assessment very soon, and see exactly where things stand.  I fear that there will be some bad news.

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1 hour ago, CWitek said:

Yes, we're talking about winter flounder.

"My solution" to the winter flounder situation, the cod situation, the fluke situation, the weakfish situation, etc. is to ban all nets (pound nets, gill nets and draggers) in all state waters. Most species need the shallower waters for spawning and the juveniles need those same waters to grow to viable sizes. "The commercial harvesters" like to think of themselves as "like farmers" but they are more akin to "strip miners", destroying everything in their wake.

In a meeting I had with David Pierce last July, I presented my evidence that the increased winter flounder quotas for commercials over the past 6 years have led to a 90% reduction in recreational harvest in Boston Harbor over those same years. The data was undeniable. "Increased commercial effort equals decreased recreational opportunity". That is a fact.

Mr. Pierce admitted there is an issue and he promised he would do something about it. He also said that if he actually did enough, he wouldn't have a job. There is far too much lobby pressure from the commercial industry on politicians and it is high time the recreational community got into the act. Call every politician you can get a number for and tell them that you vote and you want more fish in your state waters. This is a public resource that is trimmed to the lowest possible population all the time by one of the two user groups and it has to stop!

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Dial away!


New York
District Name Party Office Room Phone Committee Assignment
1st Zeldin, Lee R 2441 RHOB (202) 225-3826  
2nd King, Pete R 302 CHOB (202) 225-7896  
3rd Suozzi, Thomas D 214 CHOB (202) 225-3335  
4th Rice, Kathleen D 2435 RHOB (202) 225-5516  
5th Meeks, Gregory W. D 2310 RHOB (202) 225-3461  
6th Meng, Grace D 2209 RHOB (202) 225-2601  
7th Velázquez, Nydia M. D 2302 RHOB (202) 225-2361
  • Small Business
8th Jeffries, Hakeem D 2433 RHOB (202) 225-5936  
9th Clarke, Yvette D. D 2058 RHOB (202) 225-6231  
10th Nadler, Jerrold D 2132 RHOB (202) 225-5635
  • Judiciary
11th Rose, Max D 1529 LHOB (202) 225-3371  
12th Maloney, Carolyn D 2308 RHOB (202) 225-7944  
13th Espaillat, Adriano D 1630 LHOB (202) 225-4365  
14th Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria D 229 CHOB (202) 225-3965  
15th Serrano, José E. D 2354 RHOB (202) 225-4361  
16th Engel, Eliot D 2426 RHOB (202) 225-2464
  • Foreign Affairs
17th Lowey, Nita D 2365 RHOB (202) 225-6506
  • Appropriations
18th Maloney, Sean Patrick D 2331 RHOB (202) 225-5441  
19th Delgado, Antonio D 1007 LHOB (202) 225-5614  
20th Tonko, Paul D. D 2369 RHOB (202) 225-5076  
21st Stefanik, Elise R 318 CHOB (202) 225-4611  
22nd Brindisi, Anthony D 329 CHOB (202) 225-3665  
23rd Reed, Tom R 2263 RHOB (202) 225-3161  
24th Katko, John R 2457 RHOB (202) 225-3701  
25th Morelle, Joseph D 1317 LHOB (202) 225-3615
  • Rules
26th Higgins, Brian D 2459 RHOB (202) 225-3306  
27th Collins, Chris R 2243 RHOB (202) 225-5265

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Yet Party Boats on long island still do trips, they will have 60 passengers and catch 2 10" flounders


CT is the same with Blackfish, No spring season in NY but go to the other side of Long Island Sound and CT has a season

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