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If you are using heavier braid for backing (say 50# and up....I use Jerry Brown solid in 80#) then there is zero need to use a bimini. A triple surgeons (six times through) is superb and I have never had one fail on tuna, tarpon, and hopefully GT in April.


If you are worried about any braid cutting the loop on your fly line then simply sleeve the backing in a piece of 130# dacron before you make your loop.

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On 1/11/2019 at 10:48 AM, mightyrime said:

not sure if i am derailing this... but i am going to do my first costa rica trip and may go after sailfish.  What  is a leader setup for sailfish and yellowfin tuna?





for billfish we use a 30' 550 grain Rio Billfish line.  7' of 80 pound butt then double Bimini class tippet with 11" of 80 pound mono bite.  I like the head straight to my backing but Jake Jordan uses 75' of 50 pound mono.  All of this is joined with loop to loop darken loops.  I read on on another topic where you were looking at fishing southern Costa Rica.  I fished there a lot from 2000 to 2008.  We caught tunas mostly small on fly with intermediate lines.  The bigger tunas 150+ pounds were there in January.  But most years in March there were places of skip jack and yellowfins on top.  

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