Black Hole Challenger Vs Jigging World Dark Knight

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Stopped by tackle world today. Looked at their selection, Shogun, black demon, black widow, and the Dark Knight. 


The Dark Knight was the closest in weight, action, and backbone. Infact, if blind folded, I would have a hard time telling the two apart. 

That being said, the challenger 7’3m is rated 20-25lbs and the Dark Knight 7’2 is rated 30-65lbs. I didn’t have my challenger with me to compare on the spot. I looked at mine when i got it. So I didn’t pick it up as I’ve wanted a second. 


Has anyone handled a Dark Knight or fished it? Is it really a 30-65lb rod or is this greatly exaggerated. I can’t imagine a 30-65 being advertise as an all around inshore including fluke. Seems like a great tog rod tho. 

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Respectfully, I’d need an unbiased view here. 

I got a chance to take a look at the charter specials last week. The 6’8 compares most with a Phenix M1 inshore. And the 7’3 MH felt different than both the challenger and dark knight. 


Have you handled the rod or are you talking in terms of where it’s priced and marketed?

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I will be surprised if there is anyone who has fished both Challenger and/or Charter Special rods, AND the Black Knight rods (or any other Jigging World proprietary brand) enough to have a worthwhile opinion. 


Of the various people who are on this site as product representatives or salesmen, I would trust Kilsong's take on a competitor's product first and foremost. I've discussed other rod maker's products with him, at least in passing, and he's been respectful of (for example) Century product.  

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