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Akios mag on an Abu Elite?

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Ahh, was thinking Penn - they call bearings in spool "live spindle"

Here's a trick you might consider, I used it on a 1973 Ambassdeur 6000C I took from a dead loss as a caster to pretty impressive considering its age:

Polish the INSIDE of the pinion gear and the end of the axle over which the pinion rides.

Small gains you might think, but it all adds up.

To polish the inside of the pinion I used a length of doubled an twisted cotton string.

One end fixed to a ball bearing swivel then fixed to a table top.

The other end fixed to a cup eye in a drill (pinion pulled over string)

Polishing compound on the wet string, and spin away.

Mirror finished internal bore was the result. 10 minutes effort.


Come to think of it, a length of pipe cleaner would have been much simpler....

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A couple of things I learned doing this;

(1) The spring, pin and roller for the Akios mag clicker assembly are not held in place by anything until the unit is assembled to the side plate, so it's best to just remove them until the knob hole is drilled.

(2) The mag mounting plate has a .050" tall boss around the knob hub. This complicates hole location a little, but I used a trick I learned for temporarily joining pieces of wood. Take a piece of material that is slightly thicker than the boss (I used .062" thick polypropylene) and drill a hole that fits over the boss. Cut this material to the approximate size of the mag mounting plate, making sure that it clears the stud or pin holes in the side plate. Accuracy is not important. Stick a piece of masking tape (not painters tape, it's not sticky enough) on the inside of the side plate where the mag assembly will be located, again, making sure the screw holes are clear. Remove the knob from the mag assembly. Stick a piece of masking tape on the knob side of the mag assembly, making sure that the boss and pin holes are clear.  Now, slide the assembly onto the pins of the frame. Put a dot of CA glue on the tape on each side next to the boss, put the spacer on with the hole over the boss, put a dot of CA glue on each side of the tape on the side plate, and assemble the side plate to the frame and clamp it together lightly. Go have dinner. When you come back, take the side plate off the frame. The mag assembly is now temporarily attached to the side plate in perfect position. Now drill through the screw hole in the hub, remove the mag assembly by pulling the tape off the side plate, and enlarge the hole with progressively larger drills until the boss fits through the hole. Put the clicker assembly back in, screw the knob on and you're done. Incidentally, breaking the edge on drill flutes makes for a much neater hole in thin, soft material like Abu side plates.

(3) the magnets in the Akios mag assembly are glued in, which kind of limits experimentation, but it will do for now. I've been looking at the Avail mag kit, which is a similar but with more magnets and no knob or clicker. It looks as if it should be easy to bring the adjuster shaft through the side plate and put a knob on it.


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