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4 hours ago, BrianBM said:

That shore fishing would be best at ice-out, no?

It's pretty good then as well.  The only time it's really bad is from late June until early August, but it picks back up as the salmon stage up to hit the rivers.  I like to tie on 3oz of weight and fish an alewife between sandbars.  Most people here confine themselves to the piers, and while they are successful, they are limiting themselves.  Once you have a rod/reel combo that can really put it out there, you open up a whole new world.  I almost always get people telling me I'm not gonna catch anything off the beach, but those same guys are using gear that doesn't cast much past 50yd.

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On 1/11/2019 at 7:49 PM, hobobob said:

lol. I asked that question to bantam1 on that forum a very long time ago. His response that the reel is made for both inshore and freshwater market. They have a very big market in the Texas coast that demands more line.  Since then the market evolved with separate line of inshore and freshwater reels.  So I am not really sure where the demands came from.  People don't need the extra capacity, they just don't know it yet. 


My fishing buddy keep tying his braids to the mono backing with some king of bulky connection nut. Yet, his backing have never seen the light of day.  Just in case, in case of what?  nessie?

The great equalizer are the guys that chase salmon and steelhead with baitcasters.  and need that capacity should a streamer spin off 50 or so yards.  

Bantam in my opinion kinda talks out his ass....

Makes ya wonder if it was designed for salt...why'd they come out with the tranx 200 

(and yeah i know all reels can be used in the salt)

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On 1/10/2019 at 2:48 PM, Sudsy said:


Who would need more than that on a freshwater largemouth fishing baitcaster ?

Maybe only those tournament guys who fish the thick lily pads and want to rip the fish out of there. Other than those individuals... I have no idea

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For gluing magnets into the sideplate.  I've had good luck with go2glue.  Epoxy is the standard.  Just clean the surface prior.....  That go 2 crap is rubbery  and flexible...all it has to do is keep whats stuck in position.  and it's a no muss no fuss sorta thing.  


Put the mags in the non handle sideplate as the handle side gets centrifugal weights.


you can do it easy peezy by just buying a pack of neodymiums....glue one and stack em until they get to the spool.

Or you can glue in a cut fender washer or anything magnetic..then stack mags.

It may take a few since there is a pretty larger space between the sideplate and the spool in an abu.  And you have to clear the clicker ring and the cog that runs the levelwind


Shouldn't take more than a few minutes


If you want adjustability......the PMR knobbies take the guesswork out of the parts.....

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