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56 mins ago, Wire For Fire said:

They look great . Too pretty even 


i like down and dirty myself , can’t argue with results 1A7A4215-5613-431E-97E4-7332CB0B1ED2.jpeg.31b9c30196577ff6d00e435bd3f7a998.jpeg948430ED-A208-4DB4-B643-466B4DD904E4.jpeg.07926e6d38f581d0f2cfafb3414c4e9f.jpeg

Yea the eyes get banged off by the rocks and stuff. The ones i use in inlrts and jetties, i dont even bother dipping them anymore. But the ones i twist up for fishing the bay right next to me, i dont mind adding eyes and stuff. The ones that are in a circle, was an order i did for someone. 

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On 1/4/2019 at 8:53 PM, Big Will said:

Thanks I'll give that a try. I'm not too bad at fishing bucktails and jigs but when it comes to fishing with such a strong current sweep it's either barely enough to hold bottom and not for long enough or risk getting snagged. Then theres so many variables like which way the water is moving and sudden drop offs, knowing the area well enough to be able to keep in contact with a rapidly changing bottom structure and depth. I prefer conventional reels for stuff like this and might give that a try this year. It gives a better feeling of what's going on that I can't sense as well with a spinner 

every time you go out there is defrent strenght off have to cast to 10 a clock,up curent and count when the jig hit botom,now you know the time sink rate,you can change that to less to cover from botom to 5' can find map where you fish,what is the structure there and you can use GPS when you fish from bank,you will know where you cast.

i use spining reel,one turn on crank reel is 2'.on the map from  GPS spot you know how far is you have the picture in head what you covering.

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On 1/4/2019 at 6:27 PM, Sudsy said:

And that's the right way to think


There are plenty of hook choices

For top shelf stuff, fishing spots i know very well and can avoid getting constantly hung up in I like Owner Long Shank Hooks #5192 in 6/0, 7/0, and 8/0 (hurts to lose hooks that cost over a buck apiece)



For spots where I know I'm going to donate a LOT of jigs, I use less expensive hooks

So long as they're forged and strong they'll work. Recently picked up some hooks directly from China to have a go with. In the package they seem like they should work well, as well as any Mustad.


Here's another trick

To keep the rubber from sliding down, tie on a barb

I bend the barbs with a needle nose pliers out of fine S320 welding wire, the stuff we use to make fresh water size lures

Any cheap polyester sewing thread woks for this. Seal it with fly tying cement, Sally Hanson Hard as Nails, Nail polish...............

Be sure to file the tips of the wire smooth, they can be pretty sharp after being cut. I've been sliced pretty good trying to hold the jig with a thrashing fish on the hook.






it look good.

is it posible to make that just with wire ?

1 bend in mitell wire 3" to 5" long

2 pass the wire thrue eye on the hook.

3 one inch from eye turn the wire 2 times around hook,cut wire and bend like yours first point.

4 make 2 loops with second wire,apropriate lenght and  cut and bend like yours second point.

5 make that inline or offset points,what is needed.

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